Date Posted : 30 Dec 2012
Quintana Roo 2013 in Malaysia

Quintana Roo (QR) has been dedicated to making the sport of triathlon a more innovative and competitive place since 1887. QR is committed to triathlon like no other company in the sport. By constantly developing new products with input from the pros and age-groupers, which make sure that the gear develop works not only for them, but for us, too.

Quintana Roo 2013 - Official Bikes of Team Timex

It is easy to over-engineer a $10,000 Pro Tour TT bike. That is not who we are. We know that you travel with your bike. That is why we have gone to great lengths to make sure that you are getting the best possible bike for the best possible price with the best possible components. It is also why QR bikes use standard, readily available parts that can be tracked down at almost any bike shop in the world.

The bikes are categorised into SHIFT & FIT series.

SHIFT Series

Quintana Roo Illicito.  The winner of Most Innovative Award

The SHIFT Series is the only line of aerodynamic bikes designed specifically to virtually eliminate the amount of drag created by the drivetrain.

The exclusive 18mm offset downtube SHIFT Technology diverts concentrated airflow away from the drive side to produce a measurable bike-course advantage for every athlete at every level.

Compared to other bikes, where the drag of the drivetrain acts like a parachute, you will be more efficient, comfortable and just plain faster on a CD0.1.

Quintana Roo Illicito.  Fastest Bike

FIT Series

QR works directly with expert triathlon shops to monitor the evolving needs of triathletes. As a dedicated triathlon company, it is to offer a variety of options to fit differing morphological needs of each type of athlete.

We were tired of seeing triathletes with far too many spacers and riser stems on overly aggressive bikes that were not designed for them.

Enter the Fit Series. Not only will your bike fit better, it will look better, too. Every inch of these bikes has evolved over the years. The wind tunnel-designed seat stays share the same profile as the CD0.1 stays, and the seat posts use the same innovative designs with 6cm adjustability.

The Fit Series bikes are designed to get you to T2 as quickly and comfortably as possible, so you are ready for your best possible run.

Quintana Roo Triathlon Bike.

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