POWERbreathe Training for Fitness and Sports

Date Posted : 16 Nov 2008

The following training guidelines are quite strenuous and we only recommend them for those users who are accustomed to hard physical activity.

Training with POWERbreathe is like any other kind of training – you get out what you put in, and if you stop doing it, the benefits will gradually disappear. If you are using POWERbreathe to enhance your performance, you may want to push yourself a little harder, as well as ensuring that you do your POWERbreathe training regularly.

When training for performance with POWERbreathe , use the same “30 breaths, twice a day” training programme, but be aware that you will only achieve optimum training benefits when you train hard. In other words, breathe as deeply and as forcefully as you possibly can and aim to reach “failure” within 30 breaths. “Failure” means you are unable to complete a full breath by the time you reach 30 breaths. If you find you can manage more than 30 breaths with ease, increase your training load by a quarter of a turn. This may mean that you can achieve fewer than 30 breaths next session, but stick at it – within a few days you will be back up to 30 again. In this way you are always training at the optimum level.

The more quickly you can complete 30 breaths, the greater will be the training effect on your inspiratory muscles. For optimal training benefits, complete the 30 breaths as quickly as you can without becoming dizzy. Remember, if you start to feel dizzy, just pause at the end of the breath and wait until you feel the urge to breathe again. Do not be tempted to train more than twice a day, or for more than 30 breaths in one session. Remember, recovery is an important part of the training process and your inspiratory muscles need time to rest and adapt between POWERbreathe training sessions.

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