POWERBreathe - Dumbbell for lungs

Date Posted : 08 Dec 2008

The only Inspiratory Muscle Trainer (breathing muscle trainer) developed and validated by professional sport scientists and world-leading researchers in inspiratory muscle physiology, with numerous research papers attesting to its efficacy in both athletes and patients.

How can Powerbreathe help?
By using the laboratory proven POWERBreathe training system of 30 breaths twice daily, your breathing strength, power and endurance can increase rapidly. That's less than four minutes per session - and you can use it anytime, anywhere.

POWERBreathe = 30 breaths twice a day
Within a few days your inspiratory muscles should feel stronger, within 3 weeks you should feel less breathless and within 4 weeks your performance should improve.

Ideal for those wanting to improve their fitness, and those participating in physical activities like swimming, cycling, running, triathlon, endurance events and etc. It is also a great training tool for musicians and singers!

How it works?
POWERbreathe applies the tried and trusted principles of resistance (weight) training to the inspiratory muscles, and can be thought of as 'dumbbells for the diaphragm'. When muscles are overloaded regularly for a period of a few weeks, they adapt, becoming stronger and more resistant to fatigue. Activating stronger inspiratory muscles requires less effort during a given task, hence dyspnoea is reduced.

Benefits to the asthma patience?
powerbreathe offers people with asthma a drug-free, clinically-proven method of reducing their symptoms, and putting them in control of their asthma. Research has shown that inspiratory muscle strength is improved, and breathlessness is reduced after as little as three weeks of POWERbreathe training.

2 types of PowerBreathe (Fitness & Performance) which both offer proven drug-free results in just 4 weeks*. Now comes with 2 designs.

Fitness (Blue)
  • - regular exercise
  • - wish to increase fitness level
  • - want improve general health
  • - Suitable for Fitness Instructors
  • - Musicians and Singers
  • - Dancers and Stage Performers

  • Sport Performance (Red)
  • -Competitive sports, including
  • -Cycling, Running, Triathlon,
  • -Swimming,Rowing, Mountaineering
  • -Horse Riding,
  • -Scuba Diving, Free Diving

  • 4 Types of PowerBreathe Available (all are same price)

    WHITE Its for the medical side of sales , i.e. asthma , weak lung , breathless . Same spring load as Wellness.
    GREEN For kids, senior adults , i.e. asthma , weak lung , breathless and also those who just started doing sports and want to get their fitness up.
    BLUE / MEDIUM For teenager , adults , & atheltes who are active doing sports.
    RED / HEAVY For Elite or those who are competing looking to boost performance.

    Choose the one most suitable for your fitness level.

    New Release - PowerBreathe Plus

    POWERbreathe Malaysia PLUS BLACK   POWERbreathe Malaysia PLUS Pink   POWERbreathe Malaysia PLUS HR RED   POWERbreathe Malaysia PLUS MR Blue
    • As good as all the PowerBreathe - Classic
    • More ergo-design with sloping style for easy holding

    HOWTO Train with PowerBreathe (Leaflet from PowerBreathe)

    POWERBreathe is not a toy. This product is designed to be used for breathing exercise only. Any other use is not recommended. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

    POWERbreathe is not intended as an alternative to your asthma medication, but as something that works alongside it. However, after using POWERbreathe for a few weeks you will probably experience a reduction in the need to use your 'reliever' (blue) inhaler. Changes to your medication regimen should not be made without consultation with your healthcare professional.

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