Quintana Roo 2014 | THIS YEAR, IT IS PERSONAL...

Date Posted : 07 Oct 2013
Quintana Roo 2014 are now available Malaysia & Singapore

Welcome to QR 2014,

    We would like to share the latest update for QR. This link is enable you to view the catalog online or simply download it with ease so you can share them with your friends.

    The link is a great way to get the QR 2014 catalog out in digital formats for your own reference. Especially when everybody towards the "GREEN" concept, I like this option a lot as it presents a “green” alternative to printed catalogs.

    Again, please go through this catalog and let me know if you have questions. I hope you enjoy viewing them. Thanks for your time.

(Click above image to view the catalog online)

P/S Interested to be a QR Partner? Click here
P/S Problem viewing QR 2014 catalog? Click here
P/S Specs & Price, click here
P/S Team purchase (3 bikes or more), click here

Best Regards,
Yong @ Quick Sport Malaysia

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