Date Posted : 13 Jul 2012
Scicon Technical Bicycle Bags

Cyclists travelling abroad by plane need to ensure safe transit of their bike to avoid a ruined holiday or a late start to a competition. They are worthwhile investment if regularly travelling abroad with a bicycle.

Hard Bike Case
A hard case is almost bullet proof, offering the most protection. Popular with professional road cyclists as bikes can be packed quickly with limited need for dismantling & fixing at the destination.

Video Demo on using Scicon AeroTech Evo Hard Case

Semi-hard (Soft Case)
A soft fabric bike bag represents excellent value for money and offers good protection especially as the best bags. Choose the product range with external lateral shields that will protect the wheel hubs from collision. The one constructed using the high-grade nylon fabric is strongly recommended.

Video Demo on using Scicon AeroComfort 2.0

Cardboad Bike Box
The cheapest option to pack a bicycle. It is easily to obtain from local bike shop. Most cardboard bike boxes need to be replaced after one return journey and there is an added danger of damage to the bike if the cardboard is ripped in transit. Loose parts/items may be lost easily if the handle hole is not sealed.

Choose the manufacturer of bicycle bag/case which has replacement parts/accessories. It is wastage if the case/bag parts are malfunction after several rounds of using. Please ensure spare parts are available for replacement.

CLICK HERE for the range of available bicycle bags.

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