The SuperBike Reconsidered.

Date Posted : 10 Nov 2014
Quintana Roo PR Six Triathlon SuperBike

It’s more than just a wind-tunnel test. It’s comprehending the data and utilizing our knowledge to create a bike that pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

Quintana Roo Swift Technologies

Triathlon Bikes Frame Weight Chart

We know race day is more than just the day you swim, bike, and run. It’s time spent breaking down, packing, and being able to make quick adjustments without the need for an engineering degree.

Easy Assembly 2 hex wrench sizes get the bike up and running while some competitors use more than 10 different sizes.
True Flexibility2 dropout choices – vertical or horizontal AND unlimited cockpit compatibility – the 31.8 clamp size gives you the option of using ANY base bar/clip-on bar combination or ANY integrated cockpit by any manufacturer. Additionally, the PR6 gives you the option of using any brake from Shimano, TRP, Magura, and TriRig.
Cockpit AdjustabilityX/Y adjustable QR proprietary stem with precise, easy-to-use positions (as shown below) to quickly and easily make any range of adjustments without having to buy new components, stems, or bars to achieve a different front-end position. Add an additional 7.5 cm with the Profi le Aria bar.

Quintana Roo is now available in Malaysia

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