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ZENSAH - ZSCLS Long Sleeve Compression Shirt


ZENSAH Long Sleeve Compression Shirt
Manufacturer : ZENSAH
Hightlights : The remarkable silver ion fabric moist away moisture when you are perspiring, it keeps you warm in cold weather. The Zensah Seamless Long Sleeve Compression Shirt is the perfect companion in athletic field, outdoor, motor-biking, or anyone looking for a base layer that allows for optimal comfort.

This shirt is made with proprietary Zensah fabric. It is the most technologically advanced compression shirt. This high-performance compression shirt naturally blocks odor and UV, while keeping you cool and dry with the best moisture-wicking on the market.

• Naturally anti-microbial
• Anti-odour
• Blocks UV ray
• Superb in moisture whicking
• Termo-dynamic
• keeps you cool when hot, warm when you are in cold condition.
• Made in Italy

Zensah shirt with rider
Designed for : Athlete
Also good for :Motor-Biker, Outdoor, Climbers
Sizes :S/M, L/XL
Colors :
Availability : Available
RRP : RM274.54
Price : RM239.00   BUY Now!  Ask Us Now!
Usual RM274.54. You save RM36
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