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PROFILE-DESIGN - RHCSNC351 CARBON Supersonic Ergo 35c Aerobar


PROFILE-DESIGN CARBON Supersonic Ergo 35c Aerobar
Manufacturer : PROFILE-DESIGN
Hightlights :
The Supersonic/Ergo platform is designed to give riders the freedom to find their best possible position with a huge range of independence adjustments.

Extension Shape

- Extension Shape: The 35c extensions offer a 35 deg ski bend shape. This facilitates a slightly turned down wrist position to create a streamlined hand position.
- They are 400mm long and can be cut to size to suit nearly ever rider. They are drilled for rear-exit cable routing.

Supersonic Bracket

- The Supersonic bracket (previously know as the J5) is the first and premier model of the new generation Profile Design brackets. It offers easier adjustments and a greater fit range than anything that came before it.

Ergo Armrest

- The Ergo armrest has been created to offer both a huge upgrade in fit range as well as increased rider comfort with a supportive curve to cup the arms.

- Bracket: Supersonic
- Armrest: Ergo / 10mm Pads
- Stack: The minimum is 58.5mm and the bracket is compatible with our existing risers which add up to 138.5mm stack with (70mm of spacers added)
- Reach: -85mm to -17.5mm (7.5mm Increments)
- Width: 124mm to 290mm in 18.5mm steps (with Extensions at 100mm)
- Extension Angle: 35°
- Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm (26.0 w/Shims)
- Weight: Total=673g
- Bracket: 266g
- Armrest: 145g
- Extensions: 262g

Designed for : Cycling
Also good for :Triathlon, Duathlon
Sizes :Data not available
Colors :As Shown
Availability : Available
RRP : RM1299.00
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