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STRYD - ST-WIND Stryd Run Powermeter with Wind Detection


STRYD Stryd Run Powermeter with Wind Detection

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Manufacturer : STRYD
Hightlights : Stryd power accounts for your speed, slope, run form, fatigue, and wind, to deliver perfect pacing.

• Long Life: You can run for 2+ weeks without charging Stryd. A continuous running time of 20+ hours means you can even take Stryd along for ultra marathons.

• Secure, Yet Flexible: Stryd easily clips on to any pair of running shoes via a simple & secure clipping mechanism, you can also transfer Stryd between shoes in seconds.

• Precision: Accurate pace when changing shoes, surfaces, run form, and speeds with calibrationless technology that typically exceeds the accuracy and consistency of GPS data.

• Rugged: Stryd is built with a fiber-reinforced housing which keeps it safe in use in over 100 countries worldwide in every imaginable type of running terrain.

• Lightweight: At 8 grams you will not even notice it.

• Every Run: Use Stryd power on the track, trail, road, or on a treadmill for a unified training/racing experience.

Designed for : Running
Also good for :Multisports
Sizes :Data not available
Colors :As Shown
Availability : Available
RRP : RM1225.00
Price : RM1224.99   BUY Now!  Ask Us Now!
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